How To Log Hours As A Student Employee

Many Bluefield University students work as student institutional workers and work studies. These students have to log their hours and finalize timesheets through myBU. This knowledgebase article will show students where to go to find their timesheets and how to log hours.

1: Logging Hours

  • Go to myBU and log in with your student information. 
  • After logging in, select the "Student" tab.

  • On the student tab, select "My Student Employment". 

  • In the student employment section, click on the day you want to enter hours for.
  • Enter your clock-in and clock-out times in the bottom dialog box. 
  • Click "Save Hours and Comments".

2: Finalizing Your Timesheet

  • At the end of your pay period, finalize your timesheet by selecting "Click here to finalize".

Creation date: 10/28/2022 2:54 PM      Updated: 10/28/2022 2:59 PM