How to Obtain Digital Textbook Access Codes on eCampus Connect

Bluefield University students are provided with virtual textbooks available on their iPads. This knowledgebase article will show students how to obtain the access codes for these textbooks.

1: Accessing eCampus Connect via myBU

  • Go to myBU and select "Student".

  • In the Student tab, select "My Books by eCampus".

  • Select "Click to log into eCampus Connect".

2: Finding your Textbooks

  • On the eCampus Connect homepage, select "Access Now" under Digital Bookshelf.

  • On your eCampus Connect dashboard, select "Digital Bookshelf".

  • Once you have reached your Digital Bookshelf, select the virtual textbook you wish to access.

  • After selecting a textbook, the screen will show whether it has an access code or if you can access it directly from eCampus through Canvas. Some textbooks will have special instructions on this screen, but the majority will be available to access in this fashion.

  • After copying the access code, you can use it in Canvas to access your textbook.

Creation date: 11/1/2022 2:38 PM      Updated: 11/1/2022 2:52 PM
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